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შაკიკით დაავადებულთა უმრავლესობას მაღალი ქოლესტერინი აქვთ

არსებობს კავშირი ქოლესტერინის მაღალ დონესა და შაკიკს შორის  - წერს ჟურნალი Internal Medicine. გამოქვეყნებულ სტატიაში (ქვემოთაა მოყვანილი ინგლისურენოვანი ვერსია) გადმოცემულია, რომ  გამოკვლეული იქნა შაკიკით დაავადებული 1550 პაციენტი და აღმოჩნდა, რომ მათში ასევე მაღალი იყო ქოლესტერინის დონე...

Certain type of migraine may contribute to high cholesterol

According to the Mayo Clinic, a migraine headache is often accompanied by aura, which is characterized by flashes of light or blind spots.

Internal Medicine News reported that older patients who have this kind of headache may also be at risk for high cholesterol, according to an Epidemiology of Vascular Aging study. Researchers evaluated 1,550 participants and found that those who reported experiencing migraines with aura also seemed to have higher levels of the artery-blocking fat.

"The underlying mechanisms are unknown, but may in part be due to [people who experience migraines] having an increased risk profile for cardiovascular disease," said study authors.

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A connection was also found between migraine with aura and elevated triglycerides, which are a specific type of lipids found in the blood. The Mayo Clinic states that when calories are consumed, the body takes extra ones that it doesn't need to use right away for energy, and converts them into triglycerides. When a person consumers more calories than they burn, they end up with more of these lipids in their system.

Having high levels of triglycerides has been associated with an increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke and obesity. This suggests that experiencing migraines with aura may also lead to a higher chance of getting these diseases if the headaches cause levels of these lipids to rise.

Interestingly, other forms of headache were not found to cause an increase of cholesterol or triglyceride levels. Researchers are searching for how to deal with this issue, and have stressed that they are not ready to suggest that cholesterol medications be prescribed to people with migraines.

"Enough is now published from population-based science that we can try, but I wouldn’t say statins are medications to treat migraine at this point," said Kurth.

Currently, pain medications are the most common treatment for migraines. There are also lifestyle changes that can potentially ease a person's symptoms, such as recording which foods they ate before experiencing an episode. Some foods such as aged cheeses, alcohol and foods that contain preservatives have been shown to potentially bring on symptoms of the headaches.

Although more research needs to be conducted to determine the nature of the connection between triglycerides and these headaches, people who experience migraines with aura should have their cholesterol and lipid levels checked regularly.
First published on: August 25, 2011

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